Does it stress you out as much as it does me; that we are already midway through November.   I have piled so much on my plate that a lot did not get done this year(again).  And yes-there are 6 more weeks to put on the superhero cape, knock something out of the park and impress myself but I am normally too overwhelmed to think through any real productivity.   What about you?  Any similar experience or thoughts here?

This was the start of my holiday torment every year around this time in mid November until I began ending my year in September!  September is my month of self summary, assessment and review.  It has become my ideal time to re-formulate strategy, to finish a thing or two or to finally start that something new.  Either way there is a simply wonderful 12 weeks to fulfill.  And by the real December year end…I have created momentum on a project and actually have a win to celebrate with calm and refocus. The anxiety is still there quietly playing in the background but is no longer yelling loudly in the center of my head.