Hello there. Here is my story.

Hello there!  I am the lady behind the book and project.  I believe everything in our lives happens for a reason.  Not in a narrowly defined way, of life following a predetermined direction on a predestined path; but rather like,  one is doing this work instead of that work.  Or one is married to this person instead of someone else for a reason.  I believe the reason is based on a decision or set of decisions made.   I believe as you keep making decisions and following them forward, your reasons shift into new benefits.

I didn’t wake up one morning with the big intent to write a book.  Nor, for that book, to be about me (at the time). I wrote the inspiring ideas and encouraging words that I craved in experience to awaken and ignite my soul.  This easy read of small steps in what must seem like a method to my madness;  is a story that begins with an ending nowhere in sight.  And as I now read my new book along with you; I am changing everything in my life that I want to be different with as much awe and wonder as you will have when you are skipping along your path doing more of what makes you happy.

I am sharing the book, the project and the community to encourage and inspire you  to open your mind to living happy and more accomplished.  You, accomplishing anything big or everything small that you want to do.  As you read  Dive into your Destiny Your Life Depends on it, accept my challenge.   Use the book as a guide.  As a reminder.  As your cheering section.

“Here is where I share my story with you as it started and as it continues.  Thank you for being on the journey with me”  ~Cynthia Ayne~