I think my favorite is the Generosity PowerTool™ which is giving back to the community of “humankind” in a generous way.  The power of generosity is in the process.  As we all know, life flies by so very quickly that I believe it’s most important to try to do stuff that matters.  Whether to you or someone else,  helping people in need is good.  Generosity is a Dive into your Destiny PowerTool™.

And, let me just say it here…sometime you may be the one in need!  I recently read somewhere – you have two hands;  one to help yourself and the other to extend help to someone else. I love that celebrating the spirit of giving or helping others is ultimately of greater benefit to ourselves.     “Aspire to be a Giver.  Give Love.  Give good Vibes.  Give Hope.  Give Strength.  Give Positivity.”   Give of Yourself!  Introducing the NEW Tee Shirt design (drumroll please) Generosity  is a PowerTool!

The gear is a powerful reminder to you, that small positive actions will lead you to the changes that you want to see.  Help us Share Powerful Positive Vibes!  Wear Dive into your Destiny PowerTool™ Street Gear by Cynthia Ayne  Thank You!