7 Days Devoted to YOU~Dive into your Destiny Challenge

Already daydreaming about the weekend on Thursday?  Looking forward to some quiet time,  family time or social time?  Is Thursday,  your clean the house or catch-up on chores day;  before the weekend golf date, spa date or mate playdate?  I love Thursdays! The day that works perfectly for the 7 Day Challenge – simply by the time Monday rolls around, you are feeling super proud of YOU for being 4 whole days into taking action towards making you happier. Dive into your Destiny 7 Day Challenge starts every Friday – Let’s GO!

  • Friday Day 1: What’s on your mind?  What do you desire?  Think about something you want to go for?  Write it down on the guide sheet + all the small steps you can think of to get there.
  •   Day 2:  Pick 7 from your list and start on one.
  •   Day 3:  You have made a decision, you are now moving forward on.  That my friend, makes you amaaaazing.  Making decisions, to make changes that you want to make you (me, we, and us all) happier.  Happier is why I wrote the book  Dive into your Destiny:  Your Life Depends on it.
  • Day 4:  On Monday, guided by your 7 Day Challenge Free Action Guide;  you can evaluate where you are on your target & make adjustments to your actions.    Days 5 & 6:  You can course correct your plan to complete current task on schedule.  Day 7:  Decision Done Day is (Triple D) Thursday 6pm. YES-You reached the Finish Line.  Celebrate (insert your happy dance here)!  Don’t worry if your steps were too big to complete (*see Power Tip) or if  any one took longer than you imagined;  you can carry the remaining actions forward to start on the next week.     SHARE YOUR WINS WITH OTHER ADVENTURERS IN THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY!            

      7 Day Challenge *POWER TIP – Tiny micro actions move YOU forward and give YOU wins to Celebrate!

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Live a Daring Life

Live a Daring Life!  Why not envision your Life a daring adventure?  Imagine it, if you will, for just a moment.  You, me, everyone, everywhere living the wonders of what you want.  Your tummy didn’t just flutter with excitement-did it?  What if we make our visions so clear that any fears become irrelevant?


Generosity PowerTool

I think my favorite is the Generosity PowerTool™ which is giving back to the community of “humankind” in a generous way.  The power of generosity is in the process.  As we all know, life flies by so very quickly that I believe it’s most important to try to do stuff that matters.  Whether to you or someone else,  helping people in need is good.  Generosity is a Dive into your Destiny PowerTool™.

And, let me just say it here…sometime you may be the one in need!  I recently read somewhere – you have two hands;  one to help yourself and the other to extend help to someone else. I love that celebrating the spirit of giving or helping others is ultimately of greater benefit to ourselves.     “Aspire to be a Giver.  Give Love.  Give good Vibes.  Give Hope.  Give Strength.  Give Positivity.”   Give of Yourself!  Introducing the NEW Tee Shirt design (drumroll please) Generosity  is a PowerTool!

The gear is a powerful reminder to you, that small positive actions will lead you to the changes that you want to see.  Help us Share Powerful Positive Vibes!  Wear Dive into your Destiny PowerTool™ Street Gear by Cynthia Ayne  Thank You!


Giving Back

Giving back to the Community of “Humankind” is the PowerTool Key to my heart essential for my happier living.  2018 Mission for the Dive into your Destiny Project is a Network of  Power Connectors giving back!  More details soon.

Faith in You!

faith in you
Faith propels you beyond your view.  You can’t see it, yet you know its there.  Faith in you.  Faith in a higher power.  Faith in your spiritual discovery.  Faith in universal energy.  Faith in your God.  Faith is a PowerTool™.

Out with Last Years You!

Does it stress you out as much as it does me; that we are already midway through November.   I have piled so much on my plate that a lot did not get done this year(again).  And yes-there are 6 more weeks to put on the superhero cape, knock something out of the park and impress myself but I am normally too overwhelmed to think through any real productivity.   What about you?  Any similar experience or thoughts here?

This was the start of my holiday torment every year around this time in mid November until I began ending my year in September!  September is my month of self summary, assessment and review.  It has become my ideal time to re-formulate strategy, to finish a thing or two or to finally start that something new.  Either way there is a simply wonderful 12 weeks to fulfill.  And by the real December year end…I have created momentum on a project and actually have a win to celebrate with calm and refocus. The anxiety is still there quietly playing in the background but is no longer yelling loudly in the center of my head.

Faith PowerTool

faith is a dive into your destiny powertoolThe power of faith is in the process.  Faith is a Dive into your Destiny PowerTool™.  “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” The best project you will ever work on is you.

You can’t see it but you know its there and when you begin your journey with a faithful heart, you won’t have all the answers. You won’t know the whole way but you are called to trust that everything you need is on the path.   Introducing the NEW Tee Shirt design (drumroll please) Faith is a PowerTool!

The gear is a powerful reminder to you, that small positive actions will lead you to the changes that you want to see.  Help us Share Powerful Positive Vibes!  Wear Dive into your Destiny PowerTool™ Street Gear by Cynthia Ayne   Thank You!

YOU are your priority list

you are your priorityYou are your priority list.  Men are taught sacrifice for the family. Women neglect themselves in placing the family first. Parents primarily dote on the children to the exclusion of doting on each other and  adult children are even guilted into prioritizing aging parents.  We are generally conditioned from very young, even hardwired to care for others first, to a point of self-denial.  I cover this a bit more and propose a different approach in my book.

Self-fulfillment, making yourself happy and taking care of you, is generally thought selfish, dishonorable or wrong.  Meaning also that the joy of finding your own destiny and pursuing it with a vengeance…is discouraged.  Do you sometimes harbor an internal struggle between “what is the right thing to do and what is the thing you really want to do?”

In exploring the priority of you,  ask yourself outloud, what is your calling?  Think about your life mission or earthly quest if you will?  In foretelling your legacy, I personally like to ponder what specifically do I not want to leave undone at the end of my earthly days?  What is urging you on at this moment?  Do you have an ”Oh I could never really do that” secret aspiration?

What is my point, you ask?  My point is simply this – in order to be the proper care and support for others, in the way that you would like; care and support YOU first!  I love this quote in a recent essay by Catherine Collautt, Ph.D. “What about being the most important thing to yourself?”    I challenge you to put YOU at the top of your priority list.  I believe self-preservation, taking care of YOU first is a key of prime importance and a critical element in taking care of others who are important to you.