Already daydreaming about the weekend on Thursday?  Looking forward to some quiet time,  family time or social time?  Is Thursday,  your clean the house or catch-up on chores day;  before the weekend golf date, spa date or mate playdate?  I love Thursdays! The day that works perfectly for the 7 Day Challenge – simply by the time Monday rolls around, you are feeling super proud of YOU for being 4 whole days into taking action towards making you happier. Dive into your Destiny 7 Day Challenge starts every Friday – Let’s GO!

  • Friday Day 1: What’s on your mind?  What do you desire?  Think about something you want to go for?  Write it down on the guide sheet + all the small steps you can think of to get there.
  •   Day 2:  Pick 7 from your list and start on one.
  •   Day 3:  You have made a decision, you are now moving forward on.  That my friend, makes you amaaaazing.  Making decisions, to make changes that you want to make you (me, we, and us all) happier.  Happier is why I wrote the book  Dive into your Destiny:  Your Life Depends on it.
  • Day 4:  On Monday, guided by your 7 Day Challenge Free Action Guide;  you can evaluate where you are on your target & make adjustments to your actions.    Days 5 & 6:  You can course correct your plan to complete current task on schedule.  Day 7:  Decision Done Day is (Triple D) Thursday 6pm. YES-You reached the Finish Line.  Celebrate (insert your happy dance here)!  Don’t worry if your steps were too big to complete (*see Power Tip) or if  any one took longer than you imagined;  you can carry the remaining actions forward to start on the next week.     SHARE YOUR WINS WITH OTHER ADVENTURERS IN THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY!            

      7 Day Challenge *POWER TIP – Tiny micro actions move YOU forward and give YOU wins to Celebrate!

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